SAE’s K.A.N. Community School Named One of Israel’s Top High Schools

SAE’s K.A.N. Community High School has been named one of the leading schools in Israel by the Ministry of Education. It is one of only three high schools in the Jerusalem area to be so honored.

The annual selection of the winning schools is made based on a weighting of a series of indices in the areas of values, social and educational, as well as in accordance with the rate of improvement generated by the educational institutions.

The socio-achievement achievements included indicators such as the rate of enlistment in the IDF or civilian and national service, prevention of dropouts, absorption of special education students and the degree of proximity to a matriculation certificate from students who are not eligible for a full certificate.

The academic achievements determined indices such as achievements in light of the Meitzav exams in elementary and high school and in the light of the cultivation indices, percentage of matriculation eligibility, percentage of excellence in matriculation exams, percentage of eligibility for a quality matriculation certificate, degree of improvement compared to previous years.

In light of their achievements, the teaching staff in the winning schools will be rewarded with a sum of money ranging from NIS 3,166 to NIS 8,443 (approximate $1,000 to $2,600) in accordance with an agreement anchored between the Ministry of Education and the teachers’ organization and the Ministry of Finance.

“The education system has been blessed with educators, principals and teachers, who lead Israeli students and march them to impressive achievements in all areas of life,” says Education Minister Dr. Yifat Shasha-Bitton. “These students are the future generation of the State of Israel. The winning educators establish the students’ sense of belonging to the community, instill in them values ​​and give them meaningful tools for life. I congratulate them on their educational work, which has a huge impact on the whole of Israeli society and on the future of the State of Israel. ”

English teacher Elyasaf Yaakov was delighted to discover new green chairs in his class room at K.A.N. Community School at the start of the school year.

Here’s what Elyasaf Yaakov, an English teacher at K.A.N High School, posted days after the award was announced.

“Why do I love my workplace?

“As you know, the high school where I work has been honored to be an outstanding school (1st place in Jerusalem district).

“There’s no doubt that’s not what we go to work for, but it’s always nice to know that we are appreciated for the hard work the high school staff, students and parents do. In addition to the appreciation, every high school teacher also received a bonus money.

“So why do I love my workplace?

K.A.N. Principal Yael Sapir

“As soon as we received the message about the win, the high school principal, Yael Sapir, suggested that every teacher donate a portion of the money to the administrative and assistants who don’t receive a bonus (even though they work just as hard as we do).

“A Facebook group was opened for the sake of this matter and within a moment it was filled with a considerable amount.

“Thinking of the other regularly is one of the reasons why I love my workplace so much.”

′′ What we did for ourselves alone, dies with us. What we have done for others and for the world – lives forever ′′ (Albert Pock)






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