Save the Community Kitchen at Reut School!

The Reut School community kitchen in Jerusalem serves needy people, allowing them to enjoy a hot, tasty lunch. The kitchen is run by students at the school and is funded by donations. These are about to run out and the community kitchen is in danger of closing!

Help us keep the community soup kitchen open. Donate Now.

At the community soup kitchen our students welcome vulnerable people from all over Jerusalem: elderly people, Holocaust survivors, the disabled, people on welfare and even young children.

Our students set the tables, greet each guest personally, serve the food (cooked by a catering company with rabbinic supervision) and make this an enjoyable social occasion.

Everyone who comes to the community soup kitchen receives a hot, fresh, high quality meal and even a packed lunch for the next day. There is no charge for the meals.

The students create a warm family atmosphere. The diners are happy to meet the students and enjoy the courteous and friendly service. Students build a personal relationship with the guests. In addition to providing hot meals, the community soup kitchen serves as an informal community center, where a variety of cultural events take place: singing, music and parties before the holidays.

Human interaction is the critical factor. It benefits both sides. Diners eat a hot, nutritious meal and enjoy the social occasion, whilst the student volunteers are exposed to sectors of society that they might not ordinarily meet. It broadens their experience and helps them empathize with people from all walks of life including those different to them. Students learn the values of volunteering, charity and respect for others.

Donate and help keep the Community Soup Kitchen open. Thank You!


The Community Soup Kitchen at Reut School as well as the school itself operate under the auspices of the Society for Advancement of Education, Jerusalem.

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