Second COVID-19 School Shutdown Ends as Sindiana Arab Youth Village High School Reopens

The second COVID-19 school shutdown in Israel ended on November 29th and SAE students across Israel began to return, in person, to school.
SAE’s Sindiana Arab Youth Village for Leadership (the first Arab youth village in Israel) in Givat Havia re-opened its doors after a two month shut-down.  In accordance with Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education regulations, the opening began with 10th, 11th and 12th grades and will be followed next week with students from grades seven and up.  The full complement of 420 students will learn in small groups, “capsules”, wear masks and keep social distance as required.
In preparation for the return, students and teachers began meeting outdoors at the school in small capsules of 15-18, the week before the opening.  In advance of the opening, teachers also held a Covid 19-appropriate picnic to build up staff morale while students were invited to join in Zoom meetings and lectures on topics like:  how to choose a profession, better decision-making and more.
Sindiana opened just three years ago as a partnership between SAE and the nearby Arab towns to develop young leaders for the Israeli Arab community. Today it a thriving institution with 420 students in six grades, 40 teachers and 5 administrative staff.  The dormitory will be up to speed in the coming days with 40 residents from Israel’s north and south.

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