Shacharit – A New Religious High School will open this September in Jerusalem in the Spirit of HTH

Shacharit (based upon the Hebrew word for “dawn”), under the auspices of the Society for Advancement of Education, Jerusalem (SAE), will be the Israeli’s first religious high school based upon the High Tech High model, developed in San Diego, CA.

The HTH model enables personal development and excellence, experiential and collaborative learning, personalized authentic work, and equal opportunity.

Shacharit is a Meeting Point Leading to a New Creation

Shacharit represents a meeting between the Beit Midrash and innovative learning methods. A meeting between learning in the classroom and experimenting in the field. A meeting between girls and boys. A meeting between textbooks, research, and curiosity. A meeting between school and real life. A meeting born of curiosity, a meeting between the inner and external worlds, and between Torah and work.

Invitation to the Journey

Shacharit’s is an invitation to a multidisciplinary personal learning journey. An invitation to experience study that emphasizes instilling the value of personal responsibility as a means to personal and educational excellence and the development of abilities, talents, and engagement of students as citizens of the 21st century. An invitation to an authentic educational encounter that creates a complete religious identity in an innovative learning environment based upon experimentation and exploration.

Shacharit’s Spirit

  • Study and development of a religious life through in-depth study of Jewish texts
    An encounter with diverse characters, a shared Beit Midrash, and the creation of other personal and community spiritual-religious meeting points. Gender education as part of the school curriculum.
  • Full Religious-Egalitarian-Socially Active Lifestyle
    In-depth knowledge of Jewish sources. Creation of a sense of belonging, love, and relevance, recognizing the challenges facing religious individuals in the modern world.
  • Dialogue Education
    Based upon the importance of partnership between all students — they participate in decision-making, and in designing school space, as an overall student body, in committees, and in additional forums.
Roni Hazon-Weiss

Roni Hazon-Weiss, an esteemed Jerusalem educator and activist, is leading Shacharit, a growing high school under the auspices of the SAE, in collaboration with the Jerusalem Education Authority and the Religious Education Authority.

Shacharit’s team includes Shimon Cohen, the vice principal of Dror High School, a homeroom teacher and teacher of Jewish studies, and a professional and dedicated pedagogic staff.

The school will open in September, 2020 in the Reut School building, 4 Eliezer HaGadol Street, near the music center, adjacent to the Gonenim and Katamon neighborhoods.

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