Shmuel Abuav, Director General of the Ministry of Education, Tours SAE Programs as New School Year Begins

It was a wonderful visit.

Shmuel Abuav, Director General of the Israeli Ministry of Education, toured many of the 16 schools and residences run by the Society for Advancement of Education (SAE) on September 3, 2019, just days after the new school year began. He met with educational leaders, students and parents and learned first-hand about SAE’s broad range of programs and new initiatives.

Shmuel Abuav, Director General of the Israeli Ministry of Education, left, with SAE Executive Director, Eitan Moran.

Mr. Abuav came away with appreciation that SAE, established 57 years ago, is still effectively pursuing its mission to reduce the social and educational differences in Israel and to improve educational excellence among youth.

At the conclusion of his visit Mr. Abuav praised SAE for its promotion of education in the periphery, in Arab society, in the ultra-Orthodox sector and more. “There is no pretense here to solve all the problems,” he said, “but there is definitely a commitment here, and to me, that is an important dimension of social research and development. There are successful models (at SAE) that can make an impact at the national level.”

Accompanied by SAE Executive Director Eitan Moran, Mr. Abuav . . .

  • Met with students at Ulpanat Talya, which educates 300 gifted religious girls.
  • Talked with principals from the pluralistic institutions — Dror, K.A.N. Community School and Re’ut – about the complexity and challenges of bringing varied segments of Israeli society through education.
  • Visited Hachmey Lev Yeshiva, where ultra-Orthodox boys combine religious and general
    Mr. Abuav and Principal Rabbi Yoni Hochman in conversation in the Bet Midsrash of  Hachmey Lev Yeshiva.

    studies, and conversed with new Principal Rabbi Yoni Hochman and parents.

  • Was briefed by Vered Bachar, the founder and principal of Shoshanim High School on the unique school for ultra-Orthodox girls that provides Torah education alongside courses leading to a high school diploma focusing on the arts and sciences.
  • Toured Boyar High School where Principal Dafna Menashe-Baruch introduced him to the “Octopus” education model, an innovative interdisciplinary pedagogy in which students learn from different
    Boyar High School Principal Dafna Menashe-Baruch explains Boyar’s new “Octopus” learning pedagogy to Mr. Abuav.

    perspectives and diverse disciplines to develop understanding of complexity, integrated thinking and critical reflection.

Mr. Abuav was aware that Boyar High School and Residence have, for decades, embodied the spirit of SAE to promote educational and social excellence among youth from the Israel’s geographic and economic periphery, and its well-deserved reputation for the outstanding accomplishments of its many alumni across the nation.

This is an historic event,” said SAE Executive Director Eitan Moran, “when the Director General of the Ministry of Education comes on such an in-depth visit to SAE and experiences educational activities in such an immediate way.”

“SAE was established to promote educational and social excellence,” Moran concluded, “and approximately 30,000 graduates indicate that this is a successful venture. We intend to continue the mission of developing and enabling unique educational solutions that will serve as a bridge and lever for social mobility and integration into Israeli society for a variety of populations.”

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