Sindiana Arab Youth Village High School Hosts First Zoom Open House

With the return to school in February in the shadow of the continued Covid-19 lockdowns throughout Israel, SAE’s Sindiana Arab Youth Village High School held its annual open house, for the first time on Zoom.

During the Zoom Open House at Sindiana earlier this month prospectve students and their parents, at right, viewed photos of the campus and student activities.

More than 200 parents and students joined to hear the latest information about the range of special programs, learning opportunities and activities in advance of the upcoming academic year starting next September, which will be the school’s fourth year. The current student body for 2020-21 includes more than 400 students, boys and girls, from the 7th -12th grade.

The school principal, Andera Biadse spoke about the school’s great progress since its establishment three years ago and its focus on identity and culture, leadership, and academic and social excellence. “The school plays an important role in encouraging social cohesion and a sense of belonging to the wider community,” emphasized Andera.

Andera Biadse, principal of Sindiana since it was launched in 2017.

Highlighting the significant investment of resources by the educational staff to successfully advance high quality and meaningful pedagogical processes, Andera noted that “students gain deep knowledge, quality education and important social skills in a friendly and challenging environment.”

Parents and their children also learned about the school’s youth village framework which integrates formal and informal education and provides opportunities for learning and personal fulfillment tailored to the demands of the 21st century.

Residential director, Juwad Abdelghani described the added value that residential life affords the students and recognized the dedicated staff of the residential program and their deep commitment to providing for the education, personal development and safety of the 40 students who live on the Sindiana campus.

During the evening, parents and students shared their enthusiasm for the school. They praised the warm connection between the teachers and students, the support the management gives to each and every student, the varied and often unique educational programs offered and the innovative learning methods (such as deep immersion in the digital world) that is preparing them well for the future challenges awaiting them when students complete their high school matriculation at Sindiana.

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