Sindiana Principal Andera Biadse Wins GESS Award Presented in Dubai

Andera Biadse, Principal of the Society for Advancement of Education’s (SAE) pioneering Sindiana Arab Youth Village for Young Leadership, was awarded the prestigious GESS Community Award for Citizenship at the Dubai World Education Conference in December.

At the conference held at the Dubai Trade Center, participants heard about the establishment of the Sindiana Youth Village in 2017 by Andera, a group of social entrepreneurs, local municipalities and educators from the SAE.

They also learned that Sindiana aims to make access to quality education available to Arab students in Israel and provide a framework that will prepare a cadre of young Arab-Israeli leaders who will be involved and influential in shaping the future of Israel.

The GESS (Global Educational Supplies and Solutions) is a three-day world education conference dedicated to informative meetings on aspects of education, including a presentation of new instructional methods and new technologies in the field of education.

SAE is proud of Andera, an educator with of intelligence, vision and action, on the impressive achievement and recognition of Sindiana’s importance in strengthening social, cultural and academic advancement among students from the Arab society.

Learn more about Sindiana — The Arab Youth Village for LeadershipSupport Sindiana.

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