Sindiana — The Arab Youth Village for Leadership — Celebrates It’s First Graduates

Sindiana’s first graduating class!

The first graduating class from Sindiana – The Arab Youth Village for Leadership – marked the occasion with a Farewell Workshop on July 3, 2020.

The current seniors had entered as 10th graders in 2017 when Sindiana was established in 2017.  In that first year the school enrolled 200 students in three grades. In the coronavirus impacted 2019-20 school year there were more than 400 students in grades seven through twelve, and expansion plans are underway.

Today the youth village in Givat Haviva is considered one of the leading and highest quality schools in the Arab society, attracts the best youth from all over the country, and also offers students a boarding school in the village complex.

The first Arab youth village for young leadership, Sindiana is a unique collaboration between the Society for Advancement of Education, Jerusalem, and a group of social entrepreneurs and education professionals from the Arab community, together with Givat Haviva and the Menashe Regional Council.

The school and residence was developed and established in order to train a group of young Arab leaders who will be involved with and influence their society. Founded on the principles of multi-culturalism, pluralism, and civil and social equality, Sindiana provides a holistic educational framework, offering the student personal development, strengthening of his or her educational and social skills, and cultivation of activist leadership based upon the roots of Arab culture.

In a workshop that concluded the year, the Sindiana educational staff and school principal Indira Biadse met with the students, who spoke openly about the mistakes they have made, the challenges they have faced and the goals they have set.

The staff wished all the students lots and lots of luck in whatever the future holds!

The goal at Sindiana, Israel’s first Arab Youth Village for Leadership, is to develop young leaders for the Israeli Arab community. The school focuses on social and academic excellence, leadership and culture and identity.

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