“Steinberg Prepares It’s Students for Living” — Steinberg Alumna Vered Karsenti

by Vered Karsenti, Steinberg Alumna

Aliza Rivi and Gali Hakim, leaders of the Steinberg Residential Educational Campus for Excellence.

Meet Aliza and Gali. Aliza Rivi is a house-mother and the superwoman of the Steinberg Educational Residence in Kfar Saba. Gali Hakim is her dedicated Director and himself a Steinberg alumnus.

For about a year I’ve been managing volunteers of the Sharon branch of Shlovot- A New Connection to Life, a support group for women who have had cancer.

You must be asking what is the connection between an educational residence and Shlovot? So let me share with you.

Steinberg lovingly hosts us every Sunday morning in their team room. We receive a spacious, air-conditioned room, with all the necessary electronic equipment, including the personal attention of Gali every time the instructor can’t connect. And this happens a lot. Plus refreshments that Aliza provides for us every time.

Giving and values of giving have always been part of the character of Steinberg. I know this first hand since I’m a boarding school alumna.

Steinberg is an educational residence for excellence located in Kfar Saba and gives its students the opportunity to study in the best schools in the country and receive a level of education that they would not be able to get in their hometowns (many of the students come from the peripheries).

Steinberg encourages and prepares its students not only for learning towards excellence, but also for life. It instills values that every society would want its children to grow up with, including generosity, love to mankind, acceptance of others, respect, contributing to the community, excellence and much, much more.

Cancer survivor, Steinberg graduate and author of this article, Vered Karsenti.

Steinberg provides educational support, a rich and diverse social life and most importantly in my eyes, makes friends for life. It is a supportive, loving and caring family, long after we finish studying there.

These days there is a preparatory camp at Steinberg. The future generation is getting a little taste of what they can get there.

So, if you’re looking for another home for your children to get the best education but especially the best values, and you want the knowledge and comfort that your children are in the best place, with the best people, Steinberg Boarding School is the place for them!

I highly recommend it..

Dear Aliza and Gali, the women of Shlovot and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the warm home you give us and greatly appreciate your support for us.

Learn more about Steinberg.  Support the students at SAE residences.

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