Summer Camp Offers Fun and New Learning Experiences to Children of the Foreign Population

The summer camp of SAE’s Learning Center for the Children of the Foreign Population in Tel Aviv is underway.

In the first weeks the children enjoyed an experiential sounds workshop of different instruments in hearing and inside the body and participated in creative and photography activities, making chocolate balls and playing in the sports hall..

The Society for Advancement of Education operates and funds learning centers in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem for these children throughout the year, allowing them to reduce learning gaps and be in a protected space in the afternoon.

The goal of the Learning Centers is to provide children with a safe and protected environment that will support the learning processes appropriate for their age, help in reducing learning gaps and diagnose, if necessary, learning and emotional difficulties.

It’s rewarding to see that even the children of asylum seekers who face a difficult and complex reality of life, can have fun during the summer vacation and enjoy enriching experiences.

SAE welcomes support of the Lesrning Center Summer Camps and year-round operations. Click here to donate. 


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