Talya Students Explore the Lives of Two Extraordinary Heroes of Israel’s Fight for Independence

Students for SAEs Ulpanat Talya with pages from the commemorative albums they prepared to learn about and honor two young Holocaust survivors who died fighting to win Israels independence.

As part of a social engagement and personal development project, the students at the all girls religious high school participated in a national commemoration program in which youth learn about the IDF victims program and prepare a commemorative album.

10th grade students Sapir Mizrahi, Maya Azulay Tehila Hakshor and Oshrat Dvir Lowe joined with student Shlomit Cohen from Efrata College and edited a memorial album for victims:

Moshe Friedrich (1923-1947)

Wagdalia Perminger (1929-1948)

These young heroes were the last offspring of their family who perished in the Holocaust, experienced the inferno themselves, and, despite all the difficulties, managed to immigrate to Israel. The two fell in battles to establish the State of Israel.

The Talya students who took part in the journey following the lives of the late Moshe and Wagdalia came out excited and full of satisfaction from the work and the amazing learning experience, which will undoubtedly accompany them later in life.

Ulpanat Talya High is a national religious high school and boarding complex for 300 orthodox young women from Jerusalem and across the country. Taly’s unique and innivative academic track enables students to attain a B.A. or B.Sc. college degree while studying in high school through 13th year. 

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