The New Reut High School — “A House to Fulfill Dreams In” — Opens in Jerusalem

Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Leon was on hand on September 1, 2020 to help inaugurate the new Reut High School which opened with the new school year in the Bayit Vagan neighborhood of Jerusalem.

Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Leon speaking at the opening of the new Reut High School building on September 1, 2020.

′′Being mayor is a difficult role with many difficult moments,” Mayor Leon told attendees at the formal ceremonies, “but also happy moments and this is one of them. This is the kind of moment when you know there is a future for Jerusalem. I thank Eitan Moran for everything he and the Society for Advancement of Education (SAE) are doing in Jerusalem. ′′

The Mayor also congratulated the school and its students. “I wish that this new building which was built to especially high standardsl will be filled with hundreds of students and that those students will receive the best education and be a symbol of our special Jerusalem, a city that is the most pluralistic city in the world, not only in Israel.”

Honored guests also included Hagit Moshe, Deputy Mayor in charge of Education, Aviv Keinan, Head of the Education Division of the Jerusalem Municipality, Eitan Moran, Executive Director of the SAE, Yossi Ashkenazi, SAE Board Chairman, Dr. Yaakov Hadani, SAE Board Member, and Matan Rabad, the new director of the Reut School.

Mayor Leon talking with students after formal opening ceremonies at Reut High School.

After the unveiling and the placing of the mezuzah, the mayor and his entourage toured the impressive structure, which includes unique learning spaces, Beit Midrash, Auditorium, Labs and group learning spaces. They also had a chance to met with excited students.

In his remarks Eitan Moran mentioned that on the very same date eight years ago SAE was asked by the Jerusalem municipal government to take responsibility for the then struggling Reut School. ′′And speaking for those who were present at that moment,” Eitan said, “the inauguration of this new home for the Reut School is a particularly exciting moment.

“Jerusalem must have a pluralistic school, and I’m glad we’ve done it and that we succeeded in combining forces with the municipality to bring forth a great educational creation that facilitates building connections.”

Reut High School director Matan Rabad called the new building “A House to fulfill dreams in.”

Keren Ravibi, representative of the parent committee as well as the mother of two graduates of the school and two students still at Reut, said: ′′ The new structure is a stunning setting for education and values that students receive at school. The school staff sees every child and gives him or her exactly the right emphasis, assistance and nuturing that will help our children grow in the best possible way.”

“Reut school is a special place,” said Matan Rabad, the new school director, “a pluralistic education home and a home for Israeli society. We, the staff members, teachers and students,  are very privleged and hold a great responsibility to build together a house of leadership, of maturity, of morality, of taking responsibility. A house to fulfill dreams in “.

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