All Students Earn a Bagrut in Yeshiva Hachmey Lev’s Third Graduation Class

Hachmey Lev graduating seniors celebrate with their diplomas.

Family, guests, alumni graduates and representatives of the Society for Advancement for Advancement of Education (SAE) were on hand last week to celebrate the third graduation class from Yeshiva Hachmey Lev in which 100% of the graduating seniors earned their Israeli Matriculation Certificate (“Bagrut”).

The event was also the occasion to bid farewell to Rabbi Bezalel Cohen, who seven years ago teamed with Eitan Moran, Executive Director of (SAE) to co-found the pioneering high school which combines religious and general studies.

Hachmey Lev co-founder Rabbi Bezalel Cohen, left, with SAE Board Member Dr. Yaakov Hadani.

The event was opened by Yossi Ashkenazi, Chairman of the SAE Board of Directors, and Rabbi Cohen, who emphasized that the central mission of Hachmey Lev, is “Educating the youth in his own way” with both humanism and professionalism.

Other speakers included a representative of The Ministry of Education, who offered warm congratulations to the students and rabbis of the yeshiva, and Michal Shavit, Director of Pedagogic Development of SAE who has been deeply involved in the yeshiva since its establishment.

Michal Shavit at the graduation ceremonies.

Ms. Shavit  praised the very positive atmosphere in the school and the way that students and staff make strong connections. “The climate”, she said, “is very open” and staff help students make decisions important decisions about personal issues, academic issues and their future direction. One testament to this warm family atmosphere, she mentioned, is the fact that many alumni come back to the school for graduation exercises and other events.

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