“Through Volunteering We Get to Meet New and Interesting People” – the Gilon Sisters at Boyar High School

Social action is part of the DNA at SAE’s Mae Boyer High School and Residence. The students at the school and the residence participate in a wide variety of activities that encourage responsibility, mutual responsibility, and community connection, even in these days of COVID-19.

The Gilon sisters, avid volunteers from Boyar High School, both before and during the pandemic.

Meet two Boyar students – Carmel Gilon, grade 12, and her sister Adi Gilon, grade 10 – who share their volunteer story:

“I’m Adi, and I volunteer with my sister, Carmel, in buying food products for adults in our neighborhood, and we also help students with their homework.

“In addition, Carmel volunteers at the young leadership program, where she helps organize data regarding volunteers in her class, and updates them about social projects and initiatives happening in the area.  I also volunteer at the Make a Wish organization, where I help raise funds and make dreams come true for sick children.

“We really like doing the shopping together during the coronavirus time, because we meet more people whom we can help.  By doing this volunteer work, we manage to fill all the free time created during this period, and in general, throughout the year, to do good things for others.

“Through volunteering we get to meet new and interesting people. The most fun for us is to see the smiles on the faces of the older people to whom we bring food.”

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With its unique learning environment and focus on academic excellence, Mae Boyar High School is recognized as one of the leading high schools in Israel. It educates 700 day school students from Jerusalem and 300 boarders from developing communities across the nation.

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