TOP 10 HIGHLIGHTS of 2017!

SAE Opens the first Arab youth village in Israel — the Sindiana Arab Youth Village for Young Leadership — consisting of a junior high, a senior high and a residence, started classes on September 5th in Givat Haviva.

The school, which will grow in stages over the years, opened with 180 students in the seventh, ninth and tenth grades. 25 students reside in the boarding school and the rest travel each day from surrounding communities.
The Village is an initiative of the Society for Advancement of Education, Jerusalem (SAE) and a group of local social entrepreneurs and educators from the Arab public in partnership with Givat Haviva and the Menashe Regional Council. Read more.
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Hachmey Lev Celebrates It’s First Graduates — Parents, teachers and students all gathered in July to celebrate the first graduation at Hachmey Lev, an innovative Yeshiva High School and Residence for mainstream, ultra-orthodox (Haredi) boys between 13-18 years old. At the joyous ceremonies are, from left, Efraim Zechariya, Rav Eyal Twito, Rav Mordechai Blass, SAE Executive Director Eitan Moran, Shimon Peretz, one of 13 graduates, and Hachmey Lev Founder Rav Bezalel Cohen. Find out more.
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Steinberg’s 50th Anniversary Celebration — More than 900 alumni and friends, including 14 members of the first class, at left, attended the festive 50th Anniversary celebration of the Steinberg Residential Educational Campus on June 8 in Kfar Saba.

Steinberg was established in 1967 through the vision and generosity of Sol and Betty Steinberg of Los Angeles, the Society for Advancement of Education, the Kfar Saba municipality, and the Sapir Foundation of the Jewish Agency for Israel. The purpose of the residence is to enable talented youth, mostly from peripheral towns in northern Israel, to access leading high schools in the affluent city of Kfar Saba and realize their full academic, personal or social potential, for a real chance for success. More information and photos.

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90% Pass Rate at Boyar — More than 90% of the 230 students who graduated from Mae Boyar High School and Residential Campus in Jerusalem this year passed Israel’s high school matriculation examination — one of the highest percentage rates of any school in the country.
In total, 85% of the more than 400 graduates of SAE schools and residences passed the exam. Nationally, just over 50% of all high school graduates pass. Read more.

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Renovations Completed at Amalia & Ein Carmit — Plaques celebrating recently completed renovations of the Amalia the and Ein Carmit Residences in Jerusalem, half-century old Society for Advancement of Education, Jerusalem (SAE) residences, were unveiled at ceremonies on each campus on December 5th. Unveiling the plaque at the Amalia Residence are, from left, SAE Exec. Dir. Eitan Moran and Jonathan Hornstein and Rafi Rone of the Weinberg Foundation, principal funders of the projects at both residences. Read more.

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Community Kitchen at Reut Renovated — A ceremony was held on November 2, 2017, to celebrate the official reopening of the Community Kitchen at Reut High School. The restaurant is now equipped with an impressive refurbished and expanded kitchen, a gift of HaKeren L’Yedidut (International Fellowship of Christians and Jews) and the Norwegian Jewish community. The community kitchen is a wonderful initiative which provides a hot meal plus a meal to take home three times a week to needy neighborhood residents. Read more.
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ORT Netanya Seniors Travel to Germany — Nine graduating twelfth-graders from the ORT Netanya Residential Campus enjoyed a memorable senior experience last February. They spent five days in Germany, highlighted by attendance at a German league football game at Signal Iduna Park stadium in Dortmund.
The students came up with the idea of going to Dortmund, a twin city of Netanya, and worked for months to fund the trip, aided by support from the Society for Advancement of Education. In Munich they unfurled an Israeli flag, above, at the at the memorial to the eleven Israeli athletes were massacred at the 1972 Olympics.  Read more.
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Music and Fellowship at New York Reception — There was warmth and a spirit of fellowship among the more than 90 friends and supporters at the AFK Inaugural New York Reception at The Jewish Museum on October 17th.

And why not? The guests sang along to songs performed by Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul & Mary, supporters were graciously honored, and SAE graduates movingly credited their high school experiences for redirecting the trajectories of their lives.  Read more and view photos here.
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SAE Honors Founding Families in Los Angeles — The families of SAE founding families — Louie and Mae Boyar and Sol and Betty Steinberg — were honored at an AFK Reception on November 13th in Los Angeles.

Grandchildren and great-grandchildren were among the 60 guests as the founders of Mae Boyar High School and Residence and the Steinberg Interdisciplinary Residential Educational Campus for Excellence were saluted for their vision, foresight, perserverance and generosity.  Read more and view photos here.
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Naale Elite Academy Marks 25th Anniversary — Naale is a unique educational program for Jewish high school students worldwide who come to Israel without their parents and wish to attain a high-quality Israeli matriculation certificate to help them to integrate fully into Israeli society.
More than 17,000 students from over 40 countries around the world studied through Naale since its inception 25 years ago. Their integration into existing educational frameworks, learning in an Israeli milieu, immerses them in cultural heritage, contributes to their connection with Judaism and builds a feeling of belonging. Learn more.
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