Ulpanat Talya Students Submit Plans to Help the United Nations Achieve It’s Sustainable Development Goals

Members of the Ulpanat Talya ISDG team — Zimratya Cohen, Noga Shalev, Naomi Ashkenazi and Atara Sinton.

The Israel Sustainable Development Goals (ISDG) program is a new initiative of the Israel Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Education and the Jewish National Fund that aims to engage students in Israel in the international campaign to achieve the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals by 2030, thus helping the world to meet the challenges we face.

Students are requested to propose a project that will assist in the realization of one or more of the 17 goals of the United Nations in a developing country.

Those who lifted the gauntlet, together with a number of educational institutions in Israel, are the students of Ulpanat Talya — Zimratya Cohen, Noga Shalev, Naomi Ashkenazi and Atara Sinton led by teacher Tzvia Deri.

As the students explained in their position paper, “the goal we are aiming for in the venture is to create cross-country collaborations by creating “families” made up of both developed and developing countries for the promotion and development of the UN’s goals for 2030, with an emphasis on economics and education. “For the start of the project we suggest that Israel and Jordan will be “sister states′′ and will be a prototype and model for other countries as the project develops “.

To develop the Jordanian economy, the students offered several ideas for creating cooperation between Israel and Jordan, especially in tourism and agriculture development.  “In parallel to the development of the economy,” the Talya proposal continued, “we want to create a change in the education system and higher education in Jordan, which will help to better economic development. Education development will help to develop the economy both immediately (within a few years) and continuously.”

The students submitted and introduced the project in English, and, even though they did not qualify for the finals, were pleased at the range of their opinions and ideas.

Michal Vaya, the United Nations project coordinator in Rome who worked clolsely with the Talya team throughout the project, wrote to the students:

“Lovely girls,
It was an honor to work with you throughout the program. Every one of you entered my heart and impressed me in her own way. It’s not the end of the road, it’s just the beginning.

I wanted to make sure that you all understand who amazing you are and I would be very happy to see you all next year taking part and leading the groups.

Remember that we don’t always come in first place in life and to learn and grow from those experiences, too. You shared your dreams with me and I wanted to tell you that after having gotten to know you, I am one million percent sure that you will one day realize all your dreams.The path to those dreams is no less important than the end result.

With great appreciation, yours, Michal”

Ulpanat Talya is a national religious high school and boarding complex for 300 orthodox young women from Jerusalem and across the country.  It’s unique and innovative academic track enables students to attain a B.A. of B.Sc. college degree while studying in hih school through 13th year.

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