What Do SAE Students Need Most During the COVID-19 Crisis? — Laptop Computers

Many of the thousands of students at the Society For Advancement of Educations’ schools and residences, particularly those living at the seven educational residences, come from families that are at risk both economically and socially. The Corona crisis, which has students at home all day, has placed immense pressure of many types on these families.

Since the beginning of the crisis, the SAE has implemented a comprehensive system of measures to help ease the strain on students and their families. These include an emergency Student Assistance Fund fund that provides supermarket vouchers to families struggling to acquire food and basic personal hygiene items, and ongoing psychological support for students and their families where necessary. Support the Student Assistance Fund.

As students have not been able to attend school since the onset of the crisis, all SAE schools are working through distance learning.  Lessons are held online, and students “attend” them and submit assignments.  It goes without saying that access to a computer is essential in enabling students to participate.

However, for many families, purchase of a computer is beyond their financial means. Additionally, many students come from large families with a number of children, all of whom are meant to be engaged in distance learning, such that, even if the family has a computer at home, it is not adequate for all the children who need to “attend” lessons at the same time.

Thus, SAE is purchasing laptop computers for some of these students (as laptops are mobile, they enable students to work wherever they can find a quiet corner, and this may vary from day to day, depending on what is happening in their homes at any given moment).  Our top priority will be students in the 12th grade who are writing matriculation exams this year, as this is the final stage in which they can prepare.  Other students, however, are also in need of computers, in order to keep up with their studies.

The SAE has identified 50-55 students with a critical need for a laptop, and needs to raise the 150,000 NIS, about $42,000, to fund this unanticipated but vital expenditure.  A gift of $720 will buy a fully loaded laptop for a gifted student from a marginalized family of low socio-economic status.  It will make an immediate and lasting difference in the student’s ability to realize his/her full academic potential and contribute to Israeli society.

The Society for Advancement of Education, Jerusalem (SAE) is a social-educational organization that works to instill academic and social excellence as a bridge and leverage for integration into Israeli society. Responding to the needs of numerous sectors within Israeli society (ultra-orthodox, national religious, secular, Arab), SAE offers optimal opportunities for education and success to all the country’s children. For over half a century, SAE has touched the lives of tens of thousands of youth from different circles of Israeli society, promoting social mobility through high quality, uncompromising educational achievement.

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