Wishing You . . . Happiness, peace, prosperity and all the joys of Passover

As we gather around our seder tables, we undertake to immerse ourselves in the retelling of that miraculous redemption — so much so that we can feel the burning sand under our feet.

This story is not just about a redemption that occurred once, in the past, but a redemption that allows us to be free today to gather with family and friends to celebrate our freedom, and to know that the Promised Land has been resettled and revitalized as a modern State of Israel.

The whole Narration (Maggid) that details our journey is set in motion by four simple questions posed by different children. The command of the Haggadah is to listen carefully to each child and respond according to that child’s capability in order to lift that child up and include that child personally in the proceedings.

From the earliest times of our people’s history, education was the route to the engagement of each succeeding generation. How we teach our children determines our very survival as a people.

Through the groundbreaking and innovative work of the high schools and residences under the aegis of the Society for Advancement of Education, Jerusalem (SAE), the next generation of Israel’s leaders are being trained, each according to her and his needs.

From across the full spectrum of Israeli society — secular, orthodox, ultra-orthodox and Arab — SAE ensures, through excellence in education and social support, that each child reaches her or his full potential.

May you find great joy and meaning in the Passover season.

Gary Bretton-Granatoor
Executive Director
American Friends of Kidum

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