With Innovative “Mentor-It” App, Inbar Girls Reach Finals of Jerusalem’s Datathon Competition

Inbar, the Society for Advancement of Education’s newest school, reached the finals of the city-wide Jerusalem Datathon competition at the end of February.

The Datathon, organized by the Jerusalem Education Administration (Manhi), brings together educational entrepreneurs who meet for 24 consecutive hours to develop innovative solutions. Educators, students, ad-tech entrepreneurs, content experts and more collaborate on the development of several projects simultaneously addressing a burning educational question.

This year’s Datathon tackled the main challenge facing Jerusalem’s education system: “How does an education system work in the age of learning? —   How to create lifelong learning, both at the human level (student, teacher, parent) as well as a framework for continuous learning that is capable of supporting ongoing change processes.

To prepare Jerusalem schools and students for the future age of learning, three major and significant trends in the world of innovative pedagogy were selected in which the organizer’s sought a breakthrough solution: 1. Man as an agent for learning. 2. Social Emotional Learning. 3. Challenging the System.

Inbar is a girls’ high school for excellence that combines religious and non-religious students and opened in September 2019.  Along with four other inspiring Jerusalem education initiatives, the Inbar students reached the finals and are able to continue developing their initiative- the “Mentor-It” app, a platform for conducting  research exploration information and accessing consulting expertise that can be used by high school and junior high school students.

Learn more about Inbar here.

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