Young Leadership Training at Ein Carmit Residential Campus

A handful of tenth graders from the SAE’s Ein Carmit Residential Educational Campus were selected to participate in an exclusive 8-day Leadership Program this summer.

Ein Carmit 10th graders take a break from the Leadership Program in Tel Aviv.


The program begins with participants engaging in leadership course work, where they create and play teamwork based games and are exposed to situations that challenge their leadership and disciplining capabilities. Along with this, the students are brought to the Yitzhak Rabin Museum where they learn about highly influential leaders in Israeli culture, furthering their leadership education.

The participants then serve as junior counselors for a one-week preparatory camp that new, incoming students at the Ein Carmit Residential Educational Campus attend. Some of these new children are older than the students who participate in the leadership program, but these young leaders are well prepared to take on any challenge. More so, they are available and ready to serve as unconditional friends to the new students, who may be unfamiliar and nervous about boarding school life.

Some of the participants themselves have gone to this camp when they first arrived at the Ein Carmit Residential Educational Campus, and are well aware of the changes these new students face. Jessica, one of the young leaders, recalled how when she went to the camp she found it much easier to discuss her thoughts and worries about her new environment with the kids who were similar to her in age rather than discuss them with the older staff. She felt it was important that she return the favor, and provide the same support she received, to these incoming students.

Alex Singer provided in-depth reporting of this program.

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